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Transport of Ukraine

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Kyiv Boryspil Airport minibus shuttle service

The UEFA Football Cup will be visited by up to 1 million national teams supporters.

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Transport of Ukraine

Useful facts about Ukraine

Ukraine has one of the most peaceful football fans in the whole world

Ukrainian football fields were reconstructed in 2011 and look just terrific even in the world’s standards Borispil is situated at 40 km. from Kiyv and appears on of the best airports in Eastern Europe The easiest way of travelling over Ukraine is the railroad Railroad stations in Ukraine are very comfortable and good-looking The schedule of special zones when the WC is closed is available in every carriage

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Roads of Ukraine

Public roads of Ukraine

Ukrainian roads are tricky, but this text advices will help you to use them with comfort

Ukrainain traffic rules are almost the same as those which are in use in the USA, but the level of driving culture is lover here Ukrainian drivers will behave friendly to the foreigners, but you shouldn’t expect from most of them to let you pass, change the lane, or overrun You also should predict the drivers to sweep on the red light and not using direction lights while turning or changing line - in Ukraine it’s a common behavior on the road

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Railway stations in Ukraine

Railroad stations of Kiyv,Kharkiv Donetsk and Lviv

Railroad is the most common kind of public transfer in Ukraine There is a railroad station in almost every inhabited location, even in the smallest one The are many beautiful railroad stations in Ukraine

The highest peak of nowadays progress in engineering could be seen in Kiyv’s train depot The history of Kharkiv railroad station started in the 19th century what makes it one of the oldest depos in Russian empire and very beautiful one by the way Lviv and Donetsk railroad stations were also reconstructed before the Euro 2012 tournament Many different services may be offered by Ukrainian train depots: from food supply to transferring solutions

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Railway in Ukraine

Ukrainian railroad transport service

In June of 2012 Ukraine will be one of the most popular places in the world for tourists It will be more safe for foreign visitors to travel be the train The railroad coverage embraces almost all territory of the country

The main advantage of the railroad transfer is its reliability Train tickets are cheap and can be easily purchased Many special-propose educational facilities in Ukraine provides high-skilled attendants for the railroads Very advanced trains connect main cities of the country

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Public transport in Ukraine

Public transport in Kiyv, Donetsk, Lviv and Kharkiv

Every European fan must know his route to the stadium where football battles will take place Transfer system is really diverse in the country-recipient of Euro 2012

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Airports of Ukrain

Airports of Ukrain

Most of the foreign tourists during the Euro 2012 will arrive by plane to the country The main advantage of the air transfer is its reliability, how it may seem strange The new terminal of the Borispil airport near Kiyv will open in spring what will make it one of the most equipped plane stations in Europe.

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