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Railway in Ukraine

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Ukrainian railroad transport service

In June of 2012 Ukraine will be one of the most popular places in the world for tourists It will be more safe for foreign visitors to travel be the train The railroad coverage embraces almost all territory of the country

The main advantage of the railroad transfer is its reliability Train tickets are cheap and can be easily purchased Many special-propose educational facilities in Ukraine provides high-skilled attendants for the railroads Very advanced trains connect main cities of the country

It will take you the whole day to cross Ukraine from the west to the east and half of it to cross the country from the north to the south Kiev is almost in the center of the country and other big cities are distanced from it with about a half a thousand km. Kharkiv has the oldest railway station in the country, and one of the most beautiful in the whole region There are very modern trains in the country, although all of them allow travellers to get fast to their destination

Types of tickets are divided into several categories because of the seats’ comfort Night train travelling is in great request among the Ukrainians There is such sign as the “Sanitary zone” in Ukraine and it means that you are not allowed to use a toilet while a train is passing one of them Railroad is one of the most Ukrainian valuable achievements

After arriving to the station you may search for renting a short-stay accommodation in the city of your interest