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Public transport in Ukraine

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Public transport in Kiyv, Donetsk, Lviv and Kharkiv

Every European fan must know his route to the stadium where football battles will take place Transfer system is really diverse in the country-recipient of Euro 2012

Over the last few years shuttle buses have become number one public vehicle in Ukraine Usually there are two kinds of buses: the bigger ones with itineraries going through the center of the city, and smaller minibuses covering all the suburbs You’ll definitely be comfy and feel safe in a large modern motor bus The minibuses are not so convenient to travel by but they’re very numerous Tourists should be careful on the roads because the drivers of the shuttle buses are really adventurous in Ukraine All the bus companies are private and their services are more expensive than those provided by the transport supported by state. Their prices differ from 30 to 50 cents State transport in Ukraine is represented by the subway, trams and trolleys Trolley roots can be found because of the special wiring above the road

Trams don’t stand in the way of the traffic cause move by special rails Trams and trolleys are loved by senior citizen so often can be crowded

The underground is the safest and fastest kind of city transport in the country but you may use it only in Kiyv and Kharkiv Prices for this kinds of transport are not higher than 30 cents In the morning or at the evening only underground or a bus won’t be overcrowded

Foreign tourists will definitely enjoy their visit to Ukraine mainly because of the possibility of renting furnished apartments for short term for reasonable prices