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Kharkiv metro

Kharkiv metro


The first  eight-station segment of Kharkiv metro of 10.4 kilometres was put into use on August 23, 1975.
Today, there are 28 stations, 3 lines and 35.4 kilometres of tracks of the Kharkiv Metro. In the city centre three radial lines cross. Kharkiv Metro opens at 5:30 in the morning and closes at midnight. One million passengers use it every day.
The metro stations are located on varying depths because the city has uneven landscape. Six stations are deep underground.
All platforms are almost 100 meters long. Two depots serve the metro. These depots have a total of 320 carriages forming 59 five-carriage trains.
The Kharkiv Metro belongs to The Ministry of Transport of Ukraine and is not privatised and owned by a municipal company. The Ministry proposed to transfer the metro to the city administration in August of 2005.
The fare is 0.75 copeck. The passengers can also use magnetic cards, which they buy in a pay desk.
Central stations of Kharkiv metro are Sovetskaya - Istoricheskiy musey, Universitet-Gosprom, Pushkinskaya, Nauchnaya, Arhitectora Beketova.

All the apartments in Kharkiv offered by our company are located near the above mentionned central stations close to central square, restaurants, shops, museums.