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Short term accommodation in Kharkiv

 Kharkov            @Contact us

 Chernishevskogo str. 13/800



+38(050)1040234 (Viber, Whatsapp)

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Nice 1-room apartment for daily rent in Kharkov. Cable TV, Wi-fi, air conditioning, sliding-door wardrobe, convirtable sofa, phone, shower cabin,...
Stylish and cozy 1-room apartment situated in the heart of the city, with original design, not far from the metro station "Sovetskaya". The apartment...
Stylish 2-room apartment in the centre of Kharkov near the metro station Maidan Konstitutsii. King-size bed, convertible coach, TV, DVD, shower...
Apartment for daily rent in the center of Kharkov. Modern renovation, fully equipped with modern household appliances. Several min. by foot from...
4 or more rooms
5-room apartment in the heart of Kharkiv for daily lease.1 min. by foot from metro station Istoricheskiy muzey. A great deal of historical places,...
3-room apartment in the heart of Kharkiv for daily lease. 1 min. by foot from metro station Istoricheskiy muzey/Sovetskaya. A great deal of...
2k apartment in the center of Kharkov. Modern furniture and appliances. The bedroom has a double bed, wardrobe, views over the city. Living room...
Cozy studio is equipped with modern electric appliances and is furnished according to the latest fashion trends. Comfortable accommodation for 2...