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Short term accommodation in Kharkiv

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Kyiv Boryspil Airport minibus shuttle service

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The UEFA Football Cup will be visited by up to 1 million national teams supporters. The majority of travellers will pass by the main gate of Ukraine - Kiev or Kyiv in Ukrainian. Your trip to Kharkov, Lviv or Donetsk can be a problemas the number of planes and trains to Kharkov, Kiev and Donetsk will be very limited. The only way in this situation is a taxi transfer (car or minibus) from Kyiv Airport. Your taxi driver will meet you in the building of Kyiv Boryspil Airportand you will not have to wait and can leave the Boryspil airport as soon as you're ready. Our car transfer service is really the fastest way to get where you need. If you're 4 to travel each person will pay just 25% of the taxi price. Our Kyiv Airport taxi transportation service will get you to the door of your hotel or apartment . We work 24 hours a day and will mare the transfer from Kyiv Airport any time you need it. You can ask you taxi driver for shirt stops if you need. The distance between Boryspil Kyiv airport and Kharkov is 480 km. The car transfer from Boryspil Kyiv airport to Kharkov will last 5 hours. The Kyiv Airport taxi transportation fare is 55-90 euros per person or 220-360 euros per car .

Kharkov Taxi Service