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Roads of Ukraine

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Public roads of Ukraine

Ukrainian roads are tricky, but this text advices will help you to use them with comfort

Ukrainain traffic rules are almost the same as those which are in use in the USA, but the level of driving culture is lover here Ukrainian drivers will behave friendly to the foreigners, but you shouldn’t expect from most of them to let you pass, change the lane, or overrun You also should predict the drivers to sweep on the red light and not using direction lights while turning or changing line - in Ukraine it’s a common behavior on the road

The basic rule which will help you to get out from every situation on the road is “Give the stupid a way Even some elder people in Ukraine try to run across the streets from time to time so move very carefully especially in lively places You should think first of the safety of bypassers You should think more of Ukrainian drivers than about roads, which are quite in a good condition and prepared for the Euro 2012 While moving in rainy or just weather you should lower the speed in additional 10-20 km. per hour to prevent the crash

To check the speed limitation you need to look for special V shaped boards on the sideways and the limit itself is almost the same as it’s in the other countries The first thing that should know the traffic control officer, who had stopped you, that you are unlocal football fan, Always keep little of cash for solving situations, which can occur with the Ukrainian traffic control Moving Ukrainian roads be very carefully, don’t haste and most important- be polite- this is what Ukrainian drivers sometimes don’t do

You car can deliver you right at the furnished apartment in the city of your interest