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Short term accommodation in Kharkiv

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Railway stations in Ukraine

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Railroad stations of Kiyv,Kharkiv Donetsk and Lviv

Railroad is the most common kind of public transfer in Ukraine There is a railroad station in almost every inhabited location, even in the smallest one The are many beautiful railroad stations in Ukraine

The highest peak of nowadays progress in engineering could be seen in Kiyv’s train depot The history of Kharkiv railroad station started in the 19th century what makes it one of the oldest depos in Russian empire and very beautiful one by the way Lviv and Donetsk railroad stations were also reconstructed before the Euro 2012 tournament Many different services may be offered by Ukrainian train depots: from food supply to transferring solutions

If you’re waiting for another flight, taxi or another transfer you may also use the waiting room, ant the one for VIP clients provides additional comfort and services – for additional payment of course All questions about flights and airport can be answered by the information service Prices for all services providing by a station are very low in the world’s standards, but quality corresponds to them All staff at the trains and employees at the depots are very qualified Volunteers can help you with traffic information or renting an accommodation and can be found directly at the railway depot If you haven’t taken care about the transfer from the depot, airport taxi service will be there for you also as a city bus|Every railway depot has not just a taxi station but also a common bus stop for those passengers who aren’t in a hurry|City bus and taxi stops can be found directly at the station|Transferring from a railroad depot is provided by bus and taxi services} Price for the ride is very low and won’t exceed 50 cent for a bus and 5 dollars for a cab Travelling by train will gain you many positive emotions as well as Ukrainian stations

If you haven’t found a proper rent apartment you may start the search at the train depot