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Short term accommodation in Kharkiv

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Transport of Ukraine

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Useful facts about Ukraine

Ukraine has one of the most peaceful football fans in the whole world

Ukrainian football fields were reconstructed in 2011 and look just terrific even in the world’s standards Borispil is situated at 40 km. from Kiyv and appears on of the best airports in Eastern Europe The easiest way of travelling over Ukraine is the railroad Railroad stations in Ukraine are very comfortable and good-looking The schedule of special zones when the WC is closed is available in every carriage

Trams and trolleys are free for retired people so they are often crowded Prices for municipal kinds of transport are not higher than 30 cents Price for the ride is very low and won’t exceed 50 cent for a bus and 5 dollars for a cab It’s not accepted to share space on the roads of Ukraine, but there are exceptions often

Always look for the foot-walkers, because they can be crossing the road very fast Speed limits in Ukraine are quite low comparing to the other European countries: 60 km. per hour in town and 80 out of it, but it’s very important to stay in this borders because other drivers often don’t To use the help of a real estate agency you need to sign a contract first which contents the aspects of your partnership and the agent’s fee in case of you moving in to a rent apartment with his help

Providing medical help is also one of the duties of police attorneys in Ukraine

Any information about the country in general and a specific city also with help on renting or transferring can be received from the volunteer people