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Police in Ukraine

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Ukrainian police officers

Police will make big impact on the carrying out European football tournament in Ukraine in 2012 The first thing you should remember is not to ask for help or protection any other people than those who are wearing special police uniform and badges Look for their help near sport centers, transport stations and show-places

Police attorneys can solve any conflict situations occurred between you and other person Ukrainian police works on the same principles that their colleges in the other European countries and the USA and can help in case of any danger is threatening you Police attendant may accompany you to some point for your request Police officers can give a simple medical help Transfering information can also be received from police attorneys You are also allowed to ask for help or protection from the road patrol Police officer may ask you for your id and a purpose of visiting Ukraine You will be taken to a local police station if you look suspicious

If you were stopped be the police, the first thing you should do is to tell, that you’re a tourist and visiting Euro, Always keep little of cash for solving situations, which can occur with the Ukrainian public control

Don’t offend anyone and respect the law and you won’t have problem but protection from the police of Ukraine

If you’re looking where to spend the summer vacation try visiting Ukraine during the Euro 2012 and you will surprised with prices for a short stay rent apartments