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Kharkov kiralık daireler, aracılar olmadan kiralık Kharkov daireler | ApartHotel

 Kharkov            @Bize yazın

 Chernishevskogo str. 13/800

 telephone: +38(063)6581510



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Short stay hostel accommodation in Kiyv, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Lviv

The summer of 2012 in Ukraine will be the hottest time for soccer and dwelling rent While picking a place for the rent you will have to deal with the realtor so choose only the international agency

All realtor agents work only with a special agreement signed which obliges you to pay the agent in case the search for a hostile house was successful The first thing you should pay attention while picking up the inhabitance is its condition – interior, cooking equipment, bathroom fitment, etc. Take into account the transport system available next to your future home Entertainment network should be developed near your place if it’s significant for you You may even to try lover the requested price by giving money forward Don’t trust your landlord too much if he will even seem nice from the first sight and undertake any essential measures to protect your rights and property You should also consider how safe is your possible apartment and the neighborhood

To avoid problems pay in time and keep good relationship with your host Choosing your hostel house is very important to combine as many benefits of such type of dwelling as it may offer Don’t strall about renting a hostel accommodation because this market will be very hot closer to the summer