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In Africa there's an endless assortment of life that roams travel butlers safari free straight into the glorious sunshine of Africa. From lone animals to communities of animals, there is a lot to see in Africa. Many nature and game reserves provide day trips for safaris, but you can likewise book accommodation at a multitude of lodges and safari resorts. Strongholds of nature, these countries pride themselves on their natural history and sharing it with vacationers from right across the globe who visit their countries. To welcome you on your getaway are the incredible people, who are warm, pleasant and hospitable.

Travellers often decide on the country they want to travel to based on the wild animals they want to see. Topping many of these lists is the Big Five. Do you know just what they are? It is considered the rhino, leopard, lion, elephant and buffalo. Big game hunters called them the Big 5 because they are the five most difficult animals to hunt when walking. Tour companies chose to make use of the key phrase to help specialise their excursions. Some of the Big 5 members even used to roam through North America and Europe hundreds of years back, but were eradicated and are currently only found in Africa and parts of Asia. A few Big 5 countries include South Africa, Kenya and Botswana.

These are all spectacular creatures to observe, and everyone has their own favourites. Another popular animal to see is another cat - the cheetah. This amazing cat is the fastest living land animal in this world. It is a diurnal predator, indicating it is active in the day, making it a little easier to find than other cats. Cheetahs occur chiefly in Namibia, but can additionally be seen in southern and east African countries like South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania. Other cats to look out for, besides those mentioned above, are servals, African wild cats and caracals.

Are you not a kitty person? What about something with a bit more circumference? Africa is home to the largest land animal in the world, so you ought to see an elephant. And the tallest animal in the world, the giraffe, is probably there too. The lines of the zebras will charm you and you will be jealous of the hippo, lolling about in the water all day - although, to be honest, they do this to preserve their fragile skin. Klipspringer, oribi, rhebok are some of the antelope you can see. You might also bumble upon smaller mammals such as forest hogs, hedgehogs, jackals, foxes, aardvarks, aardwolves and bushbabies. Then there are various primates such as bonobos, gorillas, baboons and Vervet monkeys.

This is not all that you will see. If you like animals that sneak, crawl and fly look out for reptiles such as Nile crocodiles, Yellow-throated day geckos and Western green mambas; rodents such as Barbary striped grey mice, Emin's gerbils and Naked mole rats or birds such as frigate birds, egrets and storks. And for something completely different, why not drop by Madagascar, an island prosperous with incredibly beautiful and unique animals. One of the terrific, and endemic, animals you will find here are lemurs; examples of these are Ring-tailed lemurs, Golden-crowned sifakas, Coquerel sifakas, Black lemurs and Verreaux's sifakas. And to contemplate that we have not even discussed sea animals - so you can see how much lives here and relies on Africa for a home.

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