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Short term accommodation in Kharkiv

 Kharkov            @Contact us

 Chernishevskogo str. 13/800

 telephone: +38(063)6581510




L'appartement de "Luxe" à Kharkov

Price per day from 45 usd
Center, Zalesskaya, house 3 А
Number of rooms: 2
Sleeps: 4
Total area: 65.00 total area
Floor/Number floors: 6/12

Louer l'appartement à Kharkiv. Lenina avenue, 15a

1-комнатная квартира посуточно в Харькове: проспект Ленина, дом 15 А
Price per day from 40 usd
Center, Lenina avenue, house 15 А
Number of rooms: 1
Sleeps: 3
Total area: 30.00 total area
Floor/Number floors: 4/5

Однокомнатная квартира

Price per day from 300 usd
Pavlovo Pole, проспект Ленина, house 24
Number of rooms: 1
Sleeps: 3
Total area: 32.00 total area
Floor/Number floors: 5/5
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