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Short term accommodation in Kharkiv

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Reserve an apartment in Ukraine

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The situation with accommodation in Kiyv, Donetsk, Lviv and Kharkiv for the football championship

Lots ot tourists will want to witness Euro 2012 for themselves on the biggest stadiums of Kiyv, Donetsk, Lviv and Kharkiv The limited number of hotels in the biggest Ukrainian cities will not be able to manage the flow of fans coming to support their favourite national football teams You can get yourself an apartment right now without leaving the room with the on-line realtor agencies You can also get yourself an apartment right after your arrival at the city of your final destination, in this case the first thing you should do is take a taxi to the real estate agency

The situation with realty agencies is as follows: the ones with offices closer to the center of the city are to be much more trusted You’ll have no problem in finding one because there are plenty of realtors in every town all the more so in Kiyv, Donetsk, Lviv and Kharkiv Ukrainian law binds you to put together an agreement according to which to have to pay commission to the real estate agency to rent a lodging When looking for a lodging you’ll have to consider several main factors, such as the location, the conditions, and of course, the owners Among all the requirements to the lodging its disposition as to the main city stadium is the prior one past dispute The prices for the furnished apartments starting at the point of 40-50$ a day will satisfy a person of any financial status

When you choose a suitable accommodation you’ll find that nothing whatsoever impedes your joy from watching the battles of the UEFA Football Cup