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Volunteer work on Euro 2012

editor аватар
Volunteer work on Euro 2012

Volunteer movement is very popular in Ukraine and will be most appreciated while the Euro 2012 tournament is on Look only for the staff who wear clothes with the symbols and logos of the Euro 2012 volunteer movement Volunteer tents and shops are situated in the most crowded and popular places of Kiyv, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Lviv

Let’s for example look through how you can use the volunteers help arriving to the airport ofKharkiv The first place where volunteers can be found- is a depot of any kind right after arriving to the country Volunteers can give a lot of useful information about city transfer, apartment renting, local manners and history etc. You should choose the volunteer to help you carefully, at first ask what is his o her education, and general information about this person, during the conversation you may also find out his English skills

Don’t be tight in words and if you can’t speak English properly use single simple words to explain your request Tell the volunteer not only where do you want to get but how Volunteers can be very useful when searching an accommodation Actually volunteers can help you to solve any problem occurred Volunteers will not be interested in such questions as you credit card number or your documents. Pay attention to such questions and better appeal to the police

If you are looking for volunteers start from the Internet? But use only the official sites

Don’t ever treat to the volunteers as the owe you something