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Квартиры посуточно в Харькове, аренда квартир посуточно Харьков без посредников | АпартОтель

 Харьков     @Написать нам

 ул. Чернышевского 13/509

 телефон:  +38(063)6581510



Hotel, аpartments in Ukraine

editor аватар
Hotel short stay in Kiyv, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Lviv

The summer of 2012 in Ukraine will be the hottest time for soccer players and hotel employees Only trustworthy and famous abroad hotels will provide you everything you had preordered on the Internet or by telephone

Volunteers’ help will be very useful if you have decided to order a hotel room after the arrival to Ukraine

At first you should examine the hotel number for is there everything necessary for a comfort short staying How close the city transfer is to your new living place is also an important point in picking one You may also think of how close are supermarkets, night clubs and other places of entertainment What price should be is apt to you but it will start from 40 $ per day in the suburbs You should also consider how safe is your possible room and the neighborhood if you had decided to stay at the cheap place You should’t doubt in hotels of Ukraine, now they are quite equal to the European or American one Hotel room must be very comfortable, considerably expensive and well cituated Don’t strall about renting a room in hotel because this market will be very hot closer to the summer

The consulship of your country may also help you in finding a proper hotel